HullabalU is an all-ages event that upholds the ideals of the Burning Man Festival. It is a time when burners old and new can gather to discuss the burn season, make plans for future gatherings, and have a crazy good time with their burner family.

HullabalU 2003 was Midwest Burners’ first event. 80 friends gathered outside of Lawrence, Kansas, in October to burn a Scarecrow effigy and dance the night away.

Since its inception, HullabalU has gone through a few incarnations: what began as a decompression party grew into an annual after-burn campout which has now become an all-ages burn. 2011 saw the advent of the Sparks kids’ camp and fire spinners as young as 13 have participated in the pre-burn ceremony.

Radical inclusion. Immediacy. Civic responsibility. By providing an opportunity for burners young and old to embrace these values, we hope to create a better world. And have some fun along the way.