Event Rules

As tempting as it is to look at a regional burn as some autonomous zone where we’re all happy and free from societal responsibilities, there are some basic rules that attendees need to know for everyone’s safety. So please review this list of rules very carefully. These policies are in place to protect event attendees, the MWB association, and our community.

Rules Agreement

By purchasing a ticket and/or attending a Midwest Burner event, you agree to the following rules on penalty of expulsion without refund:

  • InterFuse, HearthsOPhyre and HullabalU are all-ages events. Those under 18 must be accompanied by an adult parent or legally appointed guardian. Legally appointed guardians must bring proof of the relationship – like a court order or similar legal document – that is filed and stamped by a legitimate court of law. Parents are not required to bring such a document. You may only bring a minor who is your child or legal ward; you may not bring a child who you are not legally responsible for.
  • Burning Down the River is an adults-only event. No person under the age of 18 will be allowed entry.
  • All state and federal laws apply to the campground, each Midwest Burner event, and its participants. Breaking the law endangers the campground, event, and the entire Burner community.
  • Ticket sales are not performed at the Front Gate for InterFuse, Burning Down the River and HearthsOPhyre. Anyone arriving without a ticket will not be able to attend Midwest Burner events.
  • Once you have registered at the event and have obtained a wristband, you cannot leave and then return later. This policy is to keep everyone safe, reduce traffic on the driveway, and to encourage radical self-sufficiency. The Front Gate will not have the ability to sell you another ticket or have any cash on hand. After the Front Gate closes at night, no one may enter or leave except in the case of an emergency.
  • Alcohol is permitted at events for those 21 and older. You will not be allowed into a Midwest Burner event without a government-issued picture ID or some combination of identification documents (such as a school picture ID and a birth certificate) that can conclusively prove your age and identity. Those over 21 will get a wristband differing from those under the legal drinking age. Anyone drinking alcohol without that wristband showing will be required to either show ID and get a new wristband or leave without refund. This is for everyone’s protection and complies with local, state and federal law.
  • Take responsibility for your actions. Savor the freedom of expression at events, but temper your personal freedom with respect for the rest of the community. Peacefully work out disagreements.
  • Interfuse, HullabalU and HearthsOPhyre are all-ages events and public nudity is prohibited. For all-ages events, once you are in the public space (i.e., anywhere outside your tent) your genitals must be covered, with the exception of the shower areas. Burning Down the River is an adults-only event where nudity is permitted.
  • Ask first – ask before you photograph, ask before you record, ask before you take, ask before you touch. We respect each other as individuals and acknowledge that everyone has differing boundaries. For all-ages events, please obtain parental permission before photographing or videotaping children. *If a person is identifiable in a photo, you must have their permission to take, post or display the image or video.
  • The land owners do not tolerate verbal or physical aggression.
  • Do not destroy or burn anyone’s art unless the artist gives you permission.
  • No vending. The only exception is landowners selling ice during pre-scheduled times at events where ice is available for purchase.
  • No promotions. You cannot promote commercial organizations, concerts, events, or products of any kind including raves. Promotion includes flyering, posting commercial banners or logos, giving out product samples, etc.
  • If you bring minors to an all-ages event, you are responsible for them at all times. There will be adult behavior at these events and it is YOUR responsibility to filter what your kids see or hear. You cannot expect others to censor their behavior because you chose to bring your kids. If you or your children are offended in any way, you may leave the event without refund. This is your official warning.
  • Avoid posted “no camping,” “no access,” and roped off areas. Please be familiar with the campground boundaries and do not trespass on neighboring properties. This is a good way to get shot and to make the neighbors oppose Midwest Burner events.
  • Fires in fire-rings only. No unattended fires. There may be a burn ban in dry, windy weather.
  • Absolutely no fireworks.
  • No firearms, weapons of any kind, or hunting are allowed on land owned or used by the campground.
  • Midwest Burner events do not allow pets. You may not bring any live animals other than service animals (by prior arrangement) to the event. Only animals that are owned by the landowner are allowed on the premises.
  • We are not immune to noise complaints. If the Rangers request that you turn down your sound system, please do so immediately. Being a part of a community is the responsibility of working with your neighbors – please respect your neighbors when you play music and work out any differences between yourselves.
  • For campgrounds with river access, the law states that all children under eight (8) years old must wear a life jacket in rivers and lakes. In addition, bring a life jacket for those in attendance that are not proficient in swimming.