Call for Event Art

The theme, Fort Frenzy has been announced for Interfuse 2016, and it’s time to start generating some memorable art for the event. (See theme description below)

This year we’re doubling down – not only will you be competing for a chance to appear on the annual commemorative TICKET, but we’ll also be opening the art contest to STICKERS!

In recent years, the tickets have been 8.5 by 3.3 inches (two sided). For the initial ticket, we floating the idea of a 3×3 inch circle or square (one side, of course). So, something along those lines.

Art should be submitted in a reproducible format to

The deadline to submit art will be Jan. 13, 2016. Art will be compiled and presented for voting from all participants at Interfuse Ignition, 7 p.m. Jan. 16, at Harling’s Upstairs, 3941 Main St, Kansas City, Mo. 64111. Universe willing, winners will be announced that evening.

Each interfuse participant will receive a sticker and ticket at the IF16 gate.

Good luck!

IF16 Theme Description

“Let’s quit beating around the bush, and do what we are all thinking, if even subconsciously. Fort Burn! We’ll all give a throwback to our childhood and build forts. Couch cushions, sheets, tarps, sophisticated interlocking pieces… everything is fair game to make a massive network of tunnels, chambers, barricades, and secret doors. And the effigy, what else? A giant fort! Who’s with me?”

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