Tickets on sale for Burning Down the River

Tickets are on sale for Burning Down the River – visit the ticket page to make your purchase (you must be logged in as a member).

Purchase tickets for Burning Down The River.

Registration will end 12:00 p.m. CST on July 6.

When you make your payment of $15, it will go to the Midwest Burners PayPal. All tickets are will call this year, and your payment information will need to match your ID shown at the gate.

Please remember the rules when purchasing tickets: Tickets must be purchased with your own credit card or account. Attempting to use another person’s payment information (even if they are your roommate, girlfriend, boyfriend, sibling, or parent) will result in the cancellation of your ticket order. Members may purchase no more than 4 tickets. Members may purchase guest tickets, however the member must be present for the guest to gain entry.

For additional questions regarding registration, contact Lance or Specca at

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