Interfuse 2017 - May 4-7

Tickets are sold out.

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A Mid-Summer’s MWB Board Update

Greetings! It’s time for the board to update you all on our summer projects. You’re so excited right now! Storage We’ve been working on a few upgrades for the storage space with TAFL, and added a second quartermaster, Josh Spencer. (FYI – the storage space is where we keep our infrastructure items – tools, radios, structures […]

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InterFuse Tickets Delayed

We regret to inform you that event registration sales for InterFuse 2015 will have to be postponed. We are having an issue with an account, and until it is resolved event registration cannot commence. Current new goal date is Monday February 23rd, however if the issue is resolved sooner, the sales can start sooner. Watch […]

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InterFuse 2015 Registration

InterFuse 2015 Event Registration: Midwest Burners is transitioning to Brown Paper  Tickets for our event registration needs (a 3rd party ticket provider). Our plan is to have event registration up and running from noon (12PM CST) on February 16th, through noon March 31. This is tentative, as we are working with a new system and do not know if problems […]

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