InterFuse 2015 Registration

InterFuse 2015 Event Registration:
Midwest Burners is transitioning to Brown Paper  Tickets for our event registration needs (a 3rd party ticket provider). Our plan is to have event registration up and running from noon (12PM CST) on February 16th, through noon March 31. This is tentative, as we are working with a new system and do not know if problems will arise. Check the website for updates and email with ticketing issues. Event registration prices will be $40 plus a $2.39 fee (that’s BPT’s cut), all registrations will be Will Call (we gotta cut costs somewhere, but you’ll still get that glossy commemorative piece of paper at the gate).
Important notes: ONLY MEMBERS MAY PURCHASE EVENT REGISTRATION. Please do not  purchase with another person’s funds. Members may only purchase a maximum of 4 event registrations.

2 comments on “InterFuse 2015 Registration”

  1. tweetybirdonfire

    so our tickets went from $30 to$ 42.39 that is a big jump i thought the discussion was to leave tickets at $30 this year

  2. roguepink

    So transitioning to a third-party ticket provider, increasing the cost per ticket, adding a service fee for the provider, and I don’t get a ticket packet mailed to me, I just have to trust that my tickets will be at the gate after which I don’t care about having a paper ticket anymore… What benefit do I get as a regular attendee, volunteer, and member of a popular theme camp from a $12.39 jump in my cost to attend?

    What was wrong with the previous ticket model?

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