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    We are happy to announce this year’s theme for Resonance 7.0: “There’s No Place Like Home”. Now, halt your flying monkeys, there! Before you break out your sparkly red shoes, we want to be clear on this one. While this theme is most definitely INSPIRED by The Wizard of Oz, under no circumstances should you let that limit what we’re trying to say.

    The first thing we say to each other when entering a burn is “Welcome Home.” Most of us spend the “burn season” trying to go to as many Regionals, and maybe TTITD, as we can (and we wouldn’t have it any other way). THERE’S NO PLACE LIKE HOME!

    Now, get your creative juices flowing and take this theme…sideways! Upside down! Make it twist through time and space, dimensions and reality…after all, the books have been reinterpreted into movies (and now a Broadway musical) set in different time periods, in futuristic places, so think OUTSIDE the box. It’s what burners do best, after all.

    RESONANCE 7.0: THERE’S NO PLACE LIKE HOME, will be held Friday September 26th through Sunday September 28th, 2014.

    For full event details including information on camping, music, what gear to bring, fires, lights, power and please view the Resonance Page.


    Would love to see more people come and help out. We are a small event but we have a great time.

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    I have added this event to our Event Calendar you can VIEW IT HERE. Just click over to September then click the event for full details I have added. I hope I can make it out that way for it.

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