Burning Down the River

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Please read before attending Burning Down the River. CLICK HERE TO READ THE PDF (2015 edition).

What can I expect at Burning Down the River?

It’s a Float trip. Bring an umbrella or some shade structure for the float for a more breezy and enjoyable experience for when the sun is out. It’s a Burn. It’s Music and Dancing and Costumes and Swimsuits and more. It’s where you can finally relax and be free to do it your way. It’s a Leave No Trace event.

Bonfires await you and light up the night as excitement builds throughout the land.

BDTR is very DIY. Like all of our events, this one is what you make of it.

Since 2008, Midwest Burners have gathered each July to camp, burn, and float the Gasconade. Burners of all ages starting with Caligula’s Toga Canoe Fest to last years UFO Unidentified Floating Objects

Taking theme camps to a new level, it’s all about the themed floats! Bring your own boat, canoe, kayak, inflatable raft, inner tube, air mattress, or mutant conglomeration of inflatable stuff that you’ve tied together. Floating islands, floating bars, floating hammocks…the more outrageous, the better.

Coming together in such an unpredictable element encourages participation and communal effort in new and exciting (and often very wet) ways. The float is traditionally followed by a potluck dinner, after which everyone gathers around the fire to celebrate the eternal dance of the elements. Enjoy music provided by volunteer Dj’s and sound system.

Ice will be the only vending provided by Water Mountain LLC