Call for Board Members

This is a public call for available board member positions. According to our Midwest Burner bylaws (, current board members holding Vice President/Secretary, Treasurer, and Legal & Resources Coordinator positions must reapply for their positions. This allows other community members to also apply for the vacancies. Nominations will be accepted until December 15, 2016. A committee as set forth by the bylaws will vote on the nominations. The elected board members will be announced sometime between January 1 and January 15, 2017.

Nominations will be accepted here:


Sets up meeting location & logistics (sends out agenda)
Creates meeting minutes
Writes & archives documentation for org history, policies, procedures
Communicates with webmaster to update information on the website
Communicates with Quartermaster regarding org property
Receives emails. Re-directs/shares and/or responds to emails.
Communication liaison between board and MWB
Work with ECs throughout the production of the MWB sponsored events.
Work with treasurer, accountant and ECs to establish a budget schedule, including a preliminary budget.
Answer, assist and support ECs with questions regarding event requirements (insurance, organizations – this is probably a document that should exist); organizational infrastructure (medical supplies, perimeter, radios, TLA infrastructure, etc.); and other board and organization needs/questions.
Assist members with other MWB events, including sponsored events (such as Ignition/Kickoff) and member events (art fundraisers, etc.)
Serve as a web contact and additional admin for the web site and other MWB online presences.
Assist with administrative duties on Facebook and other groups.


Name on bank account & can receive and disburse money
Access to bank, checkbook, and PayPal accounts
Downloads and sends monthly bank reports to Accountant
Tracks checks and PayPal expenditures and sends monthly reports to Accountant
Possibly cashes mail order checks for event ticket sales.
No access to accounting software
Works with Event Coordinators to purchase gift cards, directly pay large event expenses, sends reimbursement checks/PayPal disbursements for event expenses
Writes and sends checks to art grant recipients


Dealing with issues affecting our 501(c)(3) status
Researching State and Federal laws affecting the organization and events
Give opinions on civil and criminal liability
Drafting internal MWB procedures and bylaws
Dealing with State and Federal agencies
Reviewing contracts

All board members share these responsibilities:

Oversight for Event Coordinators and the ability to replace ECs if necessary
Accountable to the community (report to the community, adopt community feedback, and able to be removed by the community somehow)
Make major policy decisions or sign off on them for ECs
Investigating issues and banning members if needed
Caretakers of community assets
Coordinate annual budget between all the events and other expenditures. Approve event budgets for ECs

Nominations will be accepted here:

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