The Association’s mission is to gather to camp, socialize, experiment with the concept of community, and create art in all of its forms. MWB accomplishes its mission mainly through four association-organized gatherings (InterFuse, HearthsOPhrye, HullabalU and Burning Down the River). MWB also supports and encourages its members’ efforts to gather outside the official events and create member-organized gatherings (house parties, Ignition, arts fundraisers, outings, etc.) Finally, MWB supports its members’ efforts to attend Burning Man and other regional burn events.

The Board governs the Association year-round and is accountable to the community for that governance. The Board signs checks, keeps track of resources, provides oversight for association-organized events, investigates community issues, is responsive to the feedback of the community, and makes policy decisions.

Board Members


(the Big Cheese; organizes and runs the show; head cheerleader/herder of cats)

Burning at TTITD since 2006, where he defined Sparkle Pony. He began burning and volunteering in the Midwest in 2010, including duties such as gate lead and head safety, and runs the ever-modest Hard as Fuck Theme Camp. His goals are to continue to build the art and representation of theme camps at regional burns, as well as Midwest representation at Burning Man. He enjoys burning with his son, Danny.

FunDip (Lizzie)

Vice President/Secretary
(Organizes all the things, distracts the board from important discussions, drinks coffee, metal head)

Lizzie has been burning since bringing the giant mushroom dome to Sporegasm in 2009. She jumped into volunteering and became greeter Co-lead for several years.  Once InterFuse began to offer money for art, she spearheaded the inaugural art grants for InterFuse 2014. Since then, she has been expanding her lead position into a full team of art curators who promote and fund art at InterFuse.  She’s been on playa four years and can usually be found twirling around in her own thoughts with a few disco balls in tow and generally not listening very closely.  Sometimes she tries to weld.

Funner (Jill)

(hands out monies; keeps track of the association’s stuff)

Funner brings over ten years of finance experience to MWB. Locally grown, Funner graduated from Columbia College with a dual degree in Business Finance and Business Management. She began burning after meeting a few local burners and knew instantly she had found her home. Burning since 2016 she plans on making MWB her official home while taking vacations to represent at the big burn in Nevada.

Garlic Fingers


(keeps track of the monies, reports on the keeping tracks of the monies, #allthethings)

Garlic Fingers has been burning with MWB since 2013 after being convinced by a particular set of Como Brunettes that it was the only way to do #allthethings. She has participated as a proud Parking Pervert and strives to educate and welcome new burners in the least snarky and sarcastic manner. She’s served as the InterFuse event accountant, where she counted #allthethings. It was in this capacity that she decided that her love of all things burning naturally led itself to a role with the Board. She serves as Cash Manager for a local film fest, Bar Manager for a music fest, and Risk Manager for local government. 


Legal & Resources Coordinator
(legal stuff, tax exemption stuff, land stuff, insurance stuff – in other words, lots of paperwork)