A Mid-Summer’s MWB Board Update


It’s time for the board to update you all on our summer projects. You’re so excited right now!


We’ve been working on a few upgrades for the storage space with TAFL, and added a second quartermaster, Josh Spencer. (FYI – the storage space is where we keep our infrastructure items – tools, radios, structures – through the year)


We did pick up a new fire storage cabinet, for which our storage neighbors will appreciate that, I’m sure. We also purchased a new carport (attn: Jon Burns) which is supposed to be able to hold 30″ of snow, to replace the greeters tent, which was really just 2-3 carports masterfully crafted into working by some unknown genius…
We also purchased materials to construct a super-cool perimeter to replace the aging (read “failing”) perimeter rope lights. Yosh is spearheading a super top-secret plan to make a wicked-cool thing and it’s just going to be awesome. Contact Yosh or Tiny and they’ll tell you all about it.

Boring stuff

We got all the financial and authorization stuff sorted from the rotation of members this year. Oh, and Flea created some life. ‪#‎highfive‬

Hope everyone’s having a great burn season, and safe travels to everyone headed out the big burn this month.

Flea, Garlic Fingers, Jeremy, Tiny & Vinnie
Midwest Burners Board of Directors

PS – Don’t Forget – tickets are on sale for our all ages burn, HullabalU 2015 – “Dreams And Nightmares” Oct. 10 at Oak Spirit Sanctuary.

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